This is me


Here I am! My name is Jana Petersen, by some also known as Reminel.
I strive for design, I love to work for and with companies and individuals to design and bring to life new ideas or hone the existing ones.
Feel free to roam around and get me to know a little more.


My work

From now until the end.

I enjoy working in different areas, I enjoy combining my knowledge and finding new inspiration. Drawing is my ultimate passion and lead me to finish my Multimedia and Communication education and now study Web Development.



A message to be remembered by.

Ever since I found out what I want to do and be, I chose "Reminel" as my very own word.
I want to remember, I want to be remembered.
I am Reminel.


My inspiration

I am a dreamer. I dream art.

I love designing and the feeling it brings up, it is a warm and colorful feeling. I can sink into ideas and get carried away, float on my multicolored streams, sometimes falling down a monochrome waterfall. Daydreaming, building concepts in my mind, and bringing them to life. I can easily spend all my recreational-time only to achieve a new style or feature which I have prepared in my head, but my dependable nature will always strive me to accomplish deadlines.